E-Learning Driver’s Ed

Our e-learning platform is now available. Once registered, students can start at any time and from any where. G1 is not required to begin.

This course’s interactive online theory will be completed through e-learning modules which are designed to help new drivers think like experienced drivers. Students will be able to identify the problems and solutions needed to avoid each type of crash. It presents a driver’s way of thinking through animations, text, images and videos that will become habitual over the course of this program.


Jacob J Hammoud

Windsor's Course Fee

$799.99 - $399.99 + HST

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Valid Until: 07/31/2024

At your own pace

8 Modules

Students will work at their own pace and exposed to various topics all of which emphasize the necessity of having responsible, educated and adaptive drivers as the fundamental ingredients for "MAKING EXCELLENCE A HABIT”. All of which done online with state-of-the-art equipment and programs all done at your own pace.

Independent study

Students to complete Independent study (homework) after each module.

10 Hours of in-car Training

This experience provides our students with a holistic understanding of driving in Ontario by emphasizing not only an awareness of law but also an understanding of the fundamental reasons for their existence. All while providing quality beginner driving education.

In-vehicle lessons are one-on-one to ensure we are driving without distractions and getting the most out of the training. All in-car lessons are with an M.T.O Approved Driver Instructor. This Includes pick-up and drop off within the city limits.

Certifications Fee

Fee is included with the cost if this course. Certifications fee is payable to the M.T.O before a students can be certified.