Q: Is your school approved by the Ministry of Transportation (MTO)?

A: Yes, idrive Driving School Windsor is M.T.O Approved.

Q: What is the monetary benefit of completing the Beginner Driver Education Course?

A: Upon successful completion of the BDE course at idrive Driving School, students will be rewarded with up to 3 years of insurance experience. That experience will then lead to a reduction of insurance rate.

Q: Can I start the course without my G1?

A: Yes, you can start the course without your G1, however you must obtain your G1 before starting your in-car lessons.

Q:How long do I have to complete a BDE course?

A: The MTO allows students 1 year to complete the BDE course.

Q: Will I need more than 10 hours of in-car lessons?

A: Most students will be ready by the end of their lessons. However, each individual learning curve is different. Should you require additional lessons, we do offer packages and individual sessions at an additional cost.

Q: How many in-car lessons do I get and how long are they?

A: Total of 10 hours. You will schedule them in 1, 1.5 and/or 2-hour intervals based on experience, comfort and scheduling availability.

Q: How do I book in-car lessons?

A: You will be able to book your lesson directly through your designated instructor. You will be assigned an instructor by the end of the in-class portion.

Q: When will I get my Certificate?

A: All Ontario certified driving schools are required to certify students online. Your certification will be processed within 2 business days of your successful completion date.

Q: Why doesn't the school provide me with a paper certificate?

A: It is in accordance with standards set forth by the Ministry of Transportation as of September 29, 2008. As of that date, students have been certified online. When providing proof to the insurance company, all BDE graduates in Ontario must visit Service Ontario and retrieve a “Driver’s License History” search.

Q: How do I book my road test?

A: You can visit www.drivetest.ca, call 1.888.570.6110 or visit in person at any Drive Test Centre.

2470 Dougall Ave. Windsor, Ontario. Our office staff/in-car instructor will be more than happy to assist you on booking your test.

Q: What happens if I miss classroom time?

A: In accordance with Ministry of Transportation standards, you will be required to make-up the time you missed. You are welcome to attend the same day/session/time missed during a following course. You will contact our office to inquire about seat availability and reservation.

Q: Do I need to complete the classroom component before I can start in-car training?

A: We highly recommend that all classes/modules be completed before starting in-car lessons. As it will assist you in preparing for the road.

Q: Are in-car lessons one-on-one or in groups?

A: In-car lessons are private. We pride ourselves on offering you personal one-on-one training to maximize your learning experience.

Q: May I use the instructor's car for my road test?

A: Yes, if your Instructor's car is available. Should you be interested in using one of our vehicles, you may arrange the reservation directly with your instructor. It is important to coordinate your road test booking with your instructor to ensure availability.